Software Storyteller / Coder

I first heard the siren-call of the machine emanating from a TRS-80 sometime in the early ’80s. My first caretaker was a venerable PDP-7 hidden in a remote coastal outpost. I am a veteran programmer of a wide variety of projects. These have ranged from high-performance servers delicately hand-crafted in C to creaky old desktop applications written in dead frameworks to squeaky-clean mobile applications written using the latest cool tools.

I have developed a strong interest in the structure of our craft and how we nurture our new apprentices into strong journeymen. Writing something that seems to work from a superficial inspection is simply not good enough. Like breathtaking sleight-of-hand, what we create should astonish at every level and should withstand inspection long after the show has finished. From initial idea to finished product, each object and function, software should be a thing of beauty; a work of art.