holistic hackers

The metaphysics of our Trade are rarely mentioned and often discarded as mere semantics. We leave many of these concepts undiscussed and unexplored in favour of detail-oriented technology. Numerous unspoken corners grow into liminal spaces soon left abandoned, forgotten and sometimes, forbidden.

We need less specificity and less trivia. We need to think holistically.


The Super-heroes

2020 January 30
Chapter 1 of Forming Teams

The story of an accidentally great team built by a coder that had no idea what they were doing. Quite possibly the origin story of Holistic Hackers.


Realms of Thought

2019 October 5

Prologue She’d had the idea for a while, but it was only recently that she’d figured out how it could work. She was surprised it hadn’t been done yet; it was such a simple idea: every commit would append an entry to her work log, letting her review how the work had actually gone. She favoured rebases over merges; they just made more sense to her. But every rebase rewrote history, erasing what had gone on before.